What is tinnitus habituation?

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Tinnitus habituation might be described as the holy grail for tinnitus sufferers. For those in a traumatised state after the early onset of tinnitus it is a term which could be triggering and never have felt more out of reach. For those of us who have habituated to tinnitus it is a term we understand … Read more

Does Trauma Therapy Really Work?

Trauma Therapy

Trauma therapy work comes in many forms and can be applied differently depending on the experience and needs of the client. Yes, trauma therapy can work and be highly effective. ‘Trauma is a fact of life. It does not, however, have to be a life sentence.’ Peter A. Levine Biophysicist & Psychologist What Are The … Read more

Why Dancing Is Good For Trauma

We know that humans have been dancing together since we managed to get up on our own two feet. The reasons? Group bonding for survival, transcending harsh and challenging life circumstances and an aid to healing and higher consciousness. We also know dancing is good for trauma held in the body. How? The Trauma Trap … Read more

What is EMDR Therapy in Layman’s Terms?

EMDR Session

We’ve collected the most asked questions about EMDR therapy from a selection of authorities in an effort to explain EMDR therapy in layman’s terms. We also hope this post will answer the majority of your questions around the subject. If you have a question or would like a chat about EMDR for your condition, then … Read more

The body keeps the score book review

The body keeps the score book

The Body Keeps the Score is a book you would read to learn about the physiology and science of trauma, people’s experience of trauma and ways that a person might recover from it. It is written by Bessel Van Der Kolk a Dutch born psychiatrist, educator and author with over thirty years of experience working … Read more

Surviving Christmas with Trauma

Christmas Balls

Christmas time can be a mixed bag of experience for different people. Although we might have time off, work pressures can be replaced by pressure to buy presents for family and friends, hosting a Christmas get together, or being expected to join in with the festivities when you are not religious or of a Christian … Read more

PTSD Myths Explained

PTSD stands for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. It is a disorder which might be experienced following a particularly stressful event or events. PTSD symptoms can be intrusive and very difficult to live with. Experiencing trauma does not mean that you will get PTSD and most people recover without help from a traumatic incident. It is important … Read more

Mental Health & Exercise

The Greek physician Hippocrates once said: ‘Walking is man’s best medicine’. 470-360 BC. Have we forgotten the benefits of exercise? Mental health is influenced by a number of factors including personal circumstances, upbringing, work and family life, personal experience, family history, friends, sleep and diet. It is also influenced by exercise. In order to function … Read more

What Is The Difference Between PTSD & Complex-PTSD?

Complex PTSD

PTSD is an acronym which stands for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. C-PTSD stands for Complex-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. What is PTSD? PTSD describes a stress related disorder following exposure to a traumatic event or events. When we experience a trauma, we try to adapt and integrate our experience of the trauma. We might experience trauma symptoms … Read more