The Trauma Practice Building

About us

'Welcome to The Trauma Practice'

We offer treatments and therapies in London Paddington and Hertfordshire Cuffley. We also offer Skype sessions in some cases. 

We set up The Trauma Practice in 2018 with a vision and commitment to provide therapy and treatment interventions to help people with difficulties in relation to trauma. Experiencing trauma can also lead to associated conditions including PTSD, Trauma Associated Tinnitus, Depression and Anxiety. We can help with these too.

We work in a integrative holistic way which helps to treat the mind, the body and the soul to overcome and integrate a traumatic experience or experiences.

We all experience trauma at some point in our lives. Usually we are able to bounce back from it relatively quickly. Sometimes we need a little bit of extra help.

Difficulties we can help with

PTSD risk factors

We are here to help clients with a broad range of difficulties. Psychological and somatic difficulties are often trauma related.

We also help with difficulties in relation to:

  • Self identity
  • Finding meaning in your life
  • Issues relating to abuse
  • Bereavement and loss
  • Psychosexual Difficulties
  • Stress and relationship difficulties

Therapies & Treatments

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We use a number of different types of therapy to assist you. They are used either as a stand alone treatments, in an adjunct way as part of a broader treatment strategy or used to complement each other.

Everybody has slightly different difficulties and goals in relation to therapy outcomes. We will assist you in the best way possible advising you on the best way forward to achieve a favourable therapeutic outcome. Above all our aim is to help you get better.

The therapies and treatments we use in order to achieve your therapy goals include: