Still Lake

Mental Health Help

Here are some of the difficulties I help clients with on a regular basis. I help each client with an integrative holistic approach. I utilise somatic and psychological therapies to support and transform mental health suffering. Examples of therapies I offer include: Psychotherapy, EDMR, Counsellling and Body Psychotherapy.

Approaches under these modailities might include: talking therapy, transpersonal psychotheray, trauma release, polyvagal theory, emotional freedom technique, internal family systems, transactional analysis and more.


Anxiety is a psychological difficulrty characterised by a sense of unease, impending doom, or worry. This is based on the anticipation of danger which can be internal or external. e.g. general anxiety disorder.

Anxiety Therapy


Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is an anxiety disorder someone might experience as a result of living through a traumatic situation. PTSD symtoms might include hyperarousal, intrusions, negative alterations in moods and thoughts.

PTSD Treatment


Obsessive compulsive disorder is a mental health disorder where someone experiences persistant thoughts (obsessions) and or behaviours (compulsions/rituals) to neutralise the obsessions. 

OCD Therapy


Experiencing an event as traumatic can evoke a negative emotional and cognitive response. Trauma symtoms might include difficulties in emotional regulation, sense of self, navigating relationships and issues around safety.

Trauma Therapy


A phobia is an overwhelming psychological and somatic reaction to an object, animal, situation, somatic experience or thought. Symptoms might include feeling overwhelmed, shaking, fear, nausia or shortness of breath.

Phobia Therapy


Addiction is a neuropsychological disorder which is characterised by a persistant urge to engage in a behaviour that produces a reward irrespective of the harm the behaviour might cause.

Addiction Counselling

Eating Disorder

An eating disorder is a mental health disorder characterised by persistant disturbance in eating behaviour and associated distressing thoughts and emotions. An example is anorexia bulimia or binge eating disorder. 

Eating Disorder Therapy


Tinnitus is the experience of a sound in one or both ears which is not caused by an external sound source. Tinnitus is closely associated with hearing loss but can also be caused by stress, trauma and hearing conditions. 

Tinnitus Retraining Therapy


Depression is a mental health disorder which is experienced as low or depressed  mood for extended periods of time. Depression can be treated with psychotherapy and behavioural therapy.

Depression Therapy