Trauma Therapy in London & Hertfordshire

Our trauma therapy is designed to assist anybody suffering from trauma. No matter what your background is or how old you are, our Trauma Practice in both London & Hertfordshire is here to support you from how little or large you believe your trauma may be. Contact us today for more information or if you would like to book a consultation.

Here at The Trauma Practice, it is an integrative approach to our therapy. This means that we use more than one approach for helping someone who has experienced trauma difficulties or PTSD symptoms.

Who might need trauma therapy?

  • You may have experienced a one-off traumatic incident and be suffering from PTSD symptoms.
  • You may have experienced some developmental trauma from your childhood which you feel able to address
  • You may have experienced relational trauma and need some help to process what you have been through
  • You feel different and your feel disconnected from the world or feel like you are no longer able to experience fun in life
  • You have experienced head trauma and suffer from trauma associated tinnitus
  • You are suffering from anxiety, depression or addiction as a result of overwhelming experience in life

What to expect from trauma therapy?

In trauma therapy we have a past present and future focus. We help you process and understand your past difficulties, learnt to engage with the present and enable you to develop the resources for the future through self-empowerment.

The first session which you attend will be an assessment. This enables us to understand you in a holistic way and enables you to tell us what you are having difficulty with. We then work together to decide the best approach for you and ways in which you might like to work.

Our trauma therapy prioritises safety, stabilisation and psycho-education as a main focus before processing of any trauma can take place.

We usually use EMDR for trauma processing if appropriate. If this option is not appropriate, we use other ways to process your trauma. These might include narrative exposure or other TF – CBT techniques.

Post processing trauma therapy might include a change in focus. We might look at associated conditions including depression, stress, anxiety and tinnitus. You might also feel that after your PTSD symptoms have reduced that you would like to concentrate on addressing topics around addiction, or re-engaging in meaningful relationships or reconnecting with life in general.

How long will trauma therapy last?

Each person is different in relation to their recovery journey. Some people start to experience benefits from trauma therapy after a couple of sessions whilst others take longer. The length of your recovery journey depends on a number of different factors including: the level of trauma, background, psychological stability and work completed outside sessions. If you have experienced complex trauma the journey of recovery is longer, and a psychotherapy approach is used as well as the above ways to assist a client.

Where will therapy take place?

We offer trauma therapy in London Paddington and Hertfordshire.

What is the format of a therapy session?

Each session is fifty minutes long and will take place at the same time each week. The therapy takes place as part of a caring therapeutic relationship in a safe confidential environment on a one to one basis.

What are the Benefits of Trauma Therapy? 

  • Feel understood and heard
  • Feel safe again in your mind and body
  • Feeling grounded and connected
  • PTSD symptoms cessation
  • Enables you to reflect back on a trauma without reacting to it
  • Restores your body back to a state of homeostasis
  • Calms the mind
  • Helps you to reconnect with yourself and others
  • Discover inner qualities of strength and resilience
  • Think positively about yourself and the world
  • Find meaning in your life


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