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Trauma & PTSD Information

If you have experienced a recent trauma you might be experiencing trauma symptoms. Trauma symptoms usually recede after a few weeks. If they dont you might be experiencing Post Traumatic Stress disorder symptoms (PTSD).

You may have experienced multiple traumas over a sustained period of time possibly as part of an interpersonal relationsip. We would call this complex trauma and possible subsequent symptoms such as complex PTSD.

Experiencing trauma can be a scary time especially if you do not know you are experiencing PTSD symtoms. Her is some information which will hopfully assist you to understand what you might be going through in realtion to trauma.


What is trauma?

The definition of trauma is anything that is ‘deeply distressing or disturbing.’ The definition of trauma is broad because trauma is defined by a person’s subjective experience of it rather than the trauma itself.

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Trauma symptoms.

Trauma symptoms vary from person to person. They can manifest soon after an incident or take longer to manifest. Symptoms can be emotional, psychological and somatic and are normal reactions to abnormal events.

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Types of trauma.

Trauma can be experienced in a number of different settings. Settings might include home life, at school, the work place, in the wider community or in a war zone.Types of trauma are grouped into different categories.

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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

What is PTSD?

PTSD stand for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It describes a trauma and stress related disorder following exposure to a traumatic event. Although PTSD is classed as a disorder it is worth remembering that PTSD is a normal response to abnormal events.

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PTSD symptoms.

When we experience a trauma, we try to adapt and integrate our experience of the trauma. This results in trauma symptoms which usually reduce and disappear over the course of a few weeks. However, sometimes we are unable to integrate our traumatic experience.

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Experiencing trauma and post trauma symtoms can be a difficult scary times. You might find it difficult to get help or understand what is going on. Some people have PTSD but do not know.  Here are a selection of frequently asked questions to help you understand trauma and PTSD.,

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