We offer a range of therapies to help support you with a mental health difficulty. Each therapy has its unique style and varies in terms of how long you might engage with it. There is overlap between all of the below therapies. The mind and the body are intrinsicly linked and are both involved at all levels of psychological and physical functioning. We might use aspects of all these therapies in one therapy session.


Psychotherapy is an in depth approach to mental health difficulty. It is a process that works at the client's pace. It helps promote sustainable long lasting changes. This is because the changes are suggested and worked on by the client themselves as opposed to the therapist. Psychotherapy might help with difficulties deep within the psyche, attachment problems or ego states. All of which help with the presenting symptoms of psychological malady.

Psychotherapy session
EMDR Therapy session

EMDR Therapy

Eye movement desensitisation & reprocessing therapy is a somatic psychotherapy and is the leading evidence based treatment for trauma or PTSD, It can also be used for phobias, tinnitus and addiction. It might be considered as a mid term somatic psychotherapy and is best administered as part of a psychotherapeutic relationship in an adjunct way. This means it is used as and when needed as part of traditional psychotherapy.

Body Psychotherapy

Body psychotherapy is a way of integrating the body into more traditinal types of therapy. We consider working on the mind without the body as missing out on a golden opportunity to influence the mind from a bottom up approach. The mind and body are linked in relation to the way we function. Body psychotherapy honours this link with simple practical interventions and insights into the way they influence each other. 

Body Psychotherapy session