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We offer psychotherapy as a non-directive, client centred talking therapy. This means that the psychotherapist follows the lead of the client in relation to whatever difficulty the client brings to therapy. Contact us to find out more or book a consultation. 

It is facilitated by way of talking on a one to one basis, in a safe, calm, relaxed environment. Psychotherapy can assist with psychological and somatic difficulties.

What can Psychotherapy help with?

Psychotherapy can help with a number of different problems and difficulties. These might include:

What is Psychotherapy?

In psychotherapy a person talks through their difficulties with a psychotherapist. One of the simplest and most effective forms of therapy. This type of approach is therapeutic for a number of reasons. It helps externalise a difficulty allowing space between you and the difficulty which you might be having.

When a therapist reflects back to a client from an objective viewpoint it enables a client to really see themselves. The relm of change and new possibility opens. One can start to challenge one's own way of being as opposed to believing that things are just the way they are. Understanding why a person feels the way they do is often influenced by the unconscious. Psychotherapy makes the unconscious, conscious meaning their is the possibility of change.

A psychotherapist can help to plant a metaphorical seed and help a person to nurture that seed into full bloom. What was once perceived as a weakness becomes a strength. The development and rebalancing of qualities enables self empowerment and the ability to find meaning in life. What was once a grey bleak winter landscape begins to develop colour. Buds begin to open and growth has begun. With the right therapeutic relationship the once winter landscape develops into a blossoming mezze of colour.

Psychotherapy focus

A large part of psychotherapy is about looking back at our individual experience. Processing how our individual experience has influenced our experience of life or current experience. Understanding ourselves is a critical part of therapy.

We also place a focus on present experience with an understanding that bringing our mindful attention to our present experience enables us to connect. Without a meaningful relationship with ourselves it is difficult to connect to others. This is particularly beneficial with regard to tinnitus and trauma difficulties.

We also help to integrate your experience and development in practical terms in everyday life. The whole point of therapy is to find meaning in life and live a happy, connected existence.

What methods do we use to achieve this?

We use a number of different approaches to help our clients. Some of these approaches include:

  • Developing a strong therapeutic relationship
  • Developing a safe space for a client in which they can discuss their difficulties
  • Play therapy
  • Creative Imagination
  • Creative Art
  • Development and rebalancing of element qualities
  • Somatic and energy work for grounding and relaxation
  • Role play or Gestalt work
  • Eye Movement Desensitisation & Reprocessing Therapy
  • Counselling skills

Psychotherapy Benefits

  • Creates long lasting change
  • Enables acceptance of the way things are
  • Understand yourself
  • Accept yourself
  • Make better choices in life
  • Find meaning in life

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