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At both our treatment centres in Hertfordshire & London we help and support people using body psychotherapy techniques to help overcome trauma and other difficulties. Contact us to find out more or book a session.

What is Body Psychotherapy?

Body psychotherapy or body therapy describes working with the body in a therapeutic type way. Working with trauma, anxiety, panic disorder and phobias involves working with a person in a somatic way as well as a psychological way. PTSD symptoms are experienced in the body as well as the mind. Somatic symptoms of PTSD involve the somatic ally based nervous system. It is therefore necessary to understand what is going on in the body as well as the mind when treating trauma or PTSD symptoms. We work with both by way of psychotherapy, EMDR therapy, somatic work underpinned by Polyvagal theory.

What Does a Body Session Involve?

A Body Therapy session involves working with the body and the mind. An example might include understanding and managing the nervous system to reshape it toward increased flexibility of response. We use polyvagal theory to help you with this. We work with the breath, body posture and sound to promote healing through practical exercises. We might also work with body awareness and the senses to expand somatic experience rather than cognitive awareness.

How Long Body Therapy Lasts?

Body therapy is used as part of an integrated approach in conjunction with counselling and psychotherapy. Each person is different in relation to the difficulties which they might be having. We strive to work with a client until they regain a place of safety and relaxation and can negotiate life with confidence.

What are the Benefits of Body Therapy?

Body therapy has a number of key benefits. When working with trauma our somatic autonomic nervous system’s drive our experience. Body work will help you find connection and regain homeostasis and safety. It can also help you to gain insight into what is happening in the body in relation to your experience of life. This will help provide flexibility in terms of difficult experience and reduce extreme emotional response to such situations.

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