EMDR For Tinnitus

Woman Suffering From Tinnnitus

EMDR is an acronym which stands for Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR). It is used for a number of different psychological difficulties which include PTSD, Anxiety and it has been trialled as a treatment for tinnitus.

We use EMDR as part of a treatment for PTSD as well as for processing trauma in relation to trauma associated tinnitus. We are now also using it as part of a broader tinnitus retraining therapy strategy.

EMDR is a viable form of treatment for tinnitus because parallels have been drawn between individuals with chronic tinnitus, individuals with chronic pain and traumatic personal experiences which can influence the maintenance of chronic tinnitus.

How can EMDR help with tinnitus?

If a person has experienced historical trauma which is linked to tinnitus, processing of the original trauma using EMDR can positively impact a person's tinnitus experience. Benefits also include helping clients to have a more positive belief in relation to living with tinnitus, as well as help to negate negative or undesirable emotions in relation to their experience of tinnitus.

What to expect from an EMDR Therapy for Tinnitus session?

We use EMDR therapy as part of tinnitus retraining therapy. We use EMDR mainly for clients who are experiencing trauma associated tinnitus.

A session will include processing the trauma associated with the onset of tinnitus, changing negative beliefs and emotions that are associated with a tinnitus stimulus.

This is achieved by way of bilateral stimulation through eye movements or holding tactile buzzers during processing. Processing might last as long as a session or may be used as part of our wider tinnitus reprocessing therapy.

EMDR for Tinnitus benefits

  • Helps with negativity surrounding tinnitus
  • Helps process trauma related to tinnitus
  • Feel more emotionally stable in relation to the experience of tinnitus
  • Helps to pave the way to tinnitus habituation
  • Helps to transform problematic tinnitus into tinnitus which does not have a negative response associated with it