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EMDR Therapist in Hertfordshire

If you are looking for an EMDR therapist in Hertfordshire, we offer EMDR therapy counselling at The Trauma Practice, here in Hertfordshire.

We offer EMDR therapy as part of an integrated approach to the treatment of trauma, and also use psychotherapy, cranio-sacral therapy and somatic stabilisation to help reduce symptomatology and assist people with building healthy coping mechanisms. EMDR therapy is not just limited to removing the systems of trauma, but addresses the past, the present and future to enable each person to achieve complete emotional health.

Eye Movement Desensitisation & Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapist

An EMDR therapist helps people with difficulties in relation to PTSD, Phobias and Anxiety. EMDR therapy can help you to process a trauma and enables the mind and body to heal naturally. We use EMDR therapy as an adjunct to psychotherapy. This means that the therapy is carried out within the confines of a broader treatment approach and robust psychotherapeutic relationship.

What to expect from a session with an EMDR therapist?

EDMR therapy begins with a comprehensive assessment so that the EMDR therapist can decide the best way to assist you. Early sessions are likely to be characterised by working on psycho-education, stabilisation and safety work.

We then move onto EDMR therapy using standard EMDR techniques to help a client re-process their experience. During the EMDR therapy session the EMDR therapist will move his fingers back and forth in front of your face and ask you to follow them with your eyes. This has the effect of replicating Rapid Eye Movements (REM) which occurs normally during deep sleep. At the same time your EMDR therapist will ask you to recall a traumatic event. Gradually during the session, your EMDR therapist will guide you shifting your thoughts away from the traumatic event and towards more pleasant thoughts. Your EMDR therapist may also use bilateral stimulation which can take the form of taps to the knees, holding buzzers in each hand and audiological stimulation. EMDR therapy aims to weaken the effect of negative emotions, and after an EMDR therapy session, you may experience a strong sense of relief and an uplift in your emotional state.

How long will I need counselling with an EMDR therapist?

Each person’s case is very different as the nature and complexity of the trauma experienced varies from person to person. However, EMDR therapy treatment can be quite quick with very positive results achieved after only a few sessions. However, for people with deeper trauma, such as PTSD, there may be a requirement for more sessions or additional therapies.

Matthew Alderton EMDR Therapist, Hertfordshire

Hello, I’m Matthew Alderton BSc, MA, Dip, Dip Psych and EMDR therapist. My Foundation and Diploma in Psychotherapy and EMDR training helps me to provide the right support and EMDR treatment for my clients in Hertfordshire.

I am an optimistic, practical, empathetic EMDR therapist who enjoys working through my client’s trauma and helping them to get better. I’m pleased to offer EMDR therapy in Hertfordshire at an affordable rate.


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