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Here at The Trauma Practice we provide cranio-sacral therapy (CST) treatment at both our London & Hertfordshire locations. Contact us to find out more or book a consultation.

Cranio-sacral therapy is an alternative therapy which can help to relieve a number of disorders which include PTSD, brain injury, central nervous system disorders, concussion and tinnitus.

What is cranio-sacral therapy?

Cranio-sacral therapy can be considered as a very gentle yet powerful form of massage; or “mild form of osteopathy”. It is a non-invasive, hands on therapy which enhances the natural power of the body to heal itself.

“Cranio” refers to the cranium, namely the part of the skull, which houses the brain; “sacral” refers to the sacrum, the triangular bone at the base of the spine.

The therapy is based on the belief that there is a “cranio-sacral system” comprising of:

  • The bones of the cranium, spine and sacrum
  • The membranes surrounding the brain and spinal cord and enclosing the associated cerebro-spinal fluid
  • The fascia (or tissue) surrounding the organs, nerves, muscles and blood vessels throughout the body

Cranio-sacral therapy works with all of these parts of the body to release and relieve tension.

The “cranio-sacral system” is thought to pulsate in a subtle rhythmic motion, which can be felt by the therapist. A cranio-sacral therapist taps into this involuntary pulsating motion to find areas of trauma and tension held in the body. Releasing these areas of restriction, subtle muscle spasm and tension can restore these areas back to homeostasis. Energy can return back to these areas and the bodies subtle flow is restored back to equilibrium.

Cranio-sacral therapy for Trauma Associated Tinnitus

Trauma associated tinnitus refers to the onset of tinnitus as a direct result of experiencing trauma. Examples might include a blow to the head, stressful or overwhelming experience or shock trauma. PTSD symptoms and problematic tinnitus are closely connected because the body uses the same physiological mechanisms in both conditions.

Cranio-sacral therapy can help relieve tinnitus and trauma symptoms restoring calm to the system. It does this by working with different parts of the body which can directly impact tinnitus and trauma symptoms. These include the central nervous system, the jaw, the hearing system, the cranium, the sacrum and the body as a wider whole.

What to expect from a Cranio-sacral Treatment Session?

The first session will be an assessment to ascertain how cranio-sacral therapy can best assist you. We ask for background in terms of tinnitus, medical history, trauma and more generic background questions.

We would expect to work with you for at least five sessions in relation to cranio-sacral therapy treatment. Each session lasts for 50 minutes and would be attended on a weekly basis.

A patient is asked to lay on a soft massage table where the treatment takes place. Our therapist will then place their hands either near or on the body to administer cranio-sacral therapy treatment. Areas of focus might include the ears, the cranium, the neck, the sacrum and the feet. A cranio-sacral therapists touch is very gentle.

Cranio-sacral Therapy benefits

  • Could help reduce PTSD symptoms
  • Helps to restore the body back to a state of homeostasis and relaxation
  • Helps you to feel grounded and safe in your body
  • Helps to reduce tinnitus symptoms
  • Relieves jaw tension. Relaxing temporomandibular joints which house the auditory apparatus can relieve certain types of tinnitus
  • It can help with teeth grinding and jaw clenching which might otherwise aggravate tinnitus
  • It can help patients focus more on their body as a whole. This gives a person a whole-body experience. This enables tinnitus to take a back seat and become a small part of a bigger somatic experience.
  • Tinnitus can be caused or exacerbated by tension held in the bones of the cranium. Releasing this tension can help relieve these tinnitus symptoms.
  • Cranio-sacral therapy helps with a person’s over all sense of well-being. Reconnecting with well-being is the first step in tinnitus habituation and tinnitus recovery.
Trauma Therapy

Cranio-Sacral Therapy

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Cranio-Sacral Therapy Benefits

PTSD Symptoms

Problematic tinnitus is closely linkd with trauma as a cause and as a result of experiencing trauma. CST can help to calm the nervous system and aid with tinnitus habituation.


CST can help to reduce stress and an overeactive nervous system. This can help to calm tinnitus symptoms, espcially if your tinnitus is caused by stress.


Life's knocks can push us off balance making us feel out of harmony and out of touch with our bodies. CST helps us to restore homeostasis in our bodies.

Jaw Tension

We can hold tension in our jaws which can contribute to teeth grinding and TMJ joint difficulties. CST can help to reduce tension held in the jaw.


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