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Matthew Alderton Psychotherapist
BSc, MA, Dip, Dip Psych

I set up the Trauma Practice in 2018 to help people with PTSD, Trauma, Trauma Associated Tinnitus and associated conditions of Stress, Anxiety & Depression. 

I am a UKCP Accredited, Transpersonal Psychotherapist and EMDR Practitioner.

I trained at The Centre For Counselling & Psychotherapy Education (CCPE). I completed a Foundation and a Diploma in Counselling & Psychotherapy Education. I have also completed EMDR training Parts 1 and 2 at Richman EMDR Training.  

I use Counselling, Psychotherapy, Body Psychotherapy and Eye Movement Desensitisation & Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR)

My experience in the mental health field has been accrued over the last seven years working in counselling, rehabilitation and psychotherapeutic settings.

I work in an integrative and holistic way treating the whole individual using a number of different techniques and principles. These might involves working with the conscious or unconscious mind in a practical way or using a specific therapeutic intervention for trauma like EMDR therapy.

I look forward to helping you. 

Julie Marshall Cranio-sacral Therapist

I use a somatic approach to helping people with trauma. I use a Cranio-sacral Therapy which can be likened to a gentle form of osteopathy. 

I help my clients to release trauma held in the body, increase energy flow in the body and calm the nervous system. 

I look forward to helping you. 


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