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The PDF download on this page explains the steps you might need to take if you are a client accessing online therapy for anxiety or a therapist offering online therapy to clients.

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Online therapy has been around for a while now but it might be new for you whether you are a therapist or a client. You might be a client wondering where to start. Where can i get help with the difficulty i have? Is there therapy available online to help? what can i do if I am self isolating to access online therapy for anxiety?

In light of changing times, Covid-19 and self isolation you as a therapist might need to make some changes to how you run your private practice. One of those changes might include seeing clients online. You might be wondering what therapies you are able to offer online, what equipment of software you will need or what the difference might be between delivering face to face therapy and online therapy.

The PDF download explores and recants a therapists experience of delivering therapy online as well as a clients experience of receiving online therapy for anxiety.

Can I access Online Therapy From Anywhere?

Online therapy can be accessed from anywhere. The only limitation is needing to have a reliable internet connection. We offer all of our therapies online and you can access our online therapy from anywhere in the world. Many of our clients are from the London and Hertfordshire area making a face to face therapy session a realistic possibility after social distancing and self isolation calms down.

Some Topics The Online Therapy for Anxiety PDF Covers

What is online therapy and how does it work?

A client's experience of online therapy

A therapist's experience of online therapy

What is the difference between face to face therapy and online therapy?

Which conditions can be addressed with online therapy?

What tech will i need?

Download our Online Therapy for Anxiety Guide PDF

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Download our Online Therapy for Anxiety Guide PDF

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