Fees & Terms The Trauma Practice

Fees & Terms


All therapies are charged at £90.00 per 50 minute session at our London practice.

All therapies are charged at £90.00 per 50 minute session at our Hertfordshire practice.


Our therapies are offered at an affordable rate to ensure that private therapy is accessible to as many people as possible. We offer one concessionary slot each month where a client is able to pay reduced fees for sessions. This is available for veterans or for someone who is unable to pay for treatment.

Terms & Conditions


Therapy and treatments depend on a commitment from both parties. We would expect a minimum commitment of eight weeks which is agreed by way of a contract as part of an assessment session.


A session is 50 minutes in length and will start at the time agreed. If for any reason a session starts after the agreed start time then the session will still end at the same time as it would have, had the session started at the correct time, the full fee will still be payable if the session is shorter in length.
Each session fee is payable at the beginning of each session.


The therapist may end any session early if you are abusive, violent or the therapist believes that you under the influence of alcohol or drugs. In this event, if the session is terminated the full fee remains due.

Cancelling a session

If you cancel a session for any reason within 7 days of the agreed session the full fee for the session is charged. If you cancel a session for any reason with 7 or more days notice half the fee is charged.


You agree that the therapist may keep short written notes on sessions which will be stored securely but not identified by name.
All sessions are completely confidential with the following exceptions.

If the therapist considers you to be at risk of harming yourself or others, then the therapist reserve the right to breach confidentiality in order to prevent harm. This would be in extreme circumstances, and the therapist would always try to discuss such action with you in advance.
If you disclose that you have caused serious harm to others in the past the therapist can breach confidentiality and contact the relevant authority.

If ordered by a court of law or otherwise under the Laws of England and Wales.
The therapist will take supervision in accordance with professional requirements and disclosures will be made to the supervisor. The supervisor will have agreed to be subject to the rules for confidentiality as set out from time to time by the professional body that they are registered with.

Termination of therapy

It is beneficial to give four weeks’ notice if you decide to terminate therapy. This enables us to work towards an ending for the remaining four weeks

You the client also agree to

  • A commitment to change and to work towards clear goals agreed with the therapist
  • To arrive on time for sessions
  • Not to take drugs or drink alcohol before a session

You agree that if you have any thoughts about suicide you will discuss this with your therapist and will not act on those thoughts. If you are unable to make contact with your therapist or your therapist is not available or otherwise unable to assist you, you agree to contact your local GP or someone else who is able to give you support.